SCADA training course


For those who want to cope with large footsteps of technology, CONISYS is delighted to present a series of SCADA training courses.


Our courses comprise different stages, starting from introductory up to professional stage, by which you can attain basic skills required to select, program, maintain your Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system.


The set of SCADA courses are conducted by SCADA experts, the courses are made adequate to suit your time, and fulfill your objectives.


  1. SCADA Introduction


You will learn how to:

  •  Use SCADA systems

  •  Draw screen mimics

  • Use database

  1. SCADA Advanced


You will learn how to:

    • Use historical trends

    • Communicate with PLCs

    • Configure data acquisition drivers


    3. SCADA Expert


You will learn how to:

    • Build an alarm system

    • Build security system

    • Use advanced database blocks


Inverters training course


These courses are intended to qualify attendees to become exports of Drive systems through giving them basic fundamentals, programming skills, and design considerations through various industrial applications, plus maintenance & troubleshooting equipment.


Attendees will acquire all necessary skills to be inverters experts capable of selecting sizing, designing and maintaining Drive systems at their premises.


  1. Inverter Introduction


You will learn how to:

  • Understanding drive systems

  • Compare between motors

  • Differentiate between inverters

  1. inverter Advanced


You will learn how to:

  • Use & set inverters parameters

  • Commission inverters

  • Judge & select between Inverters

  1. Inverter Expert


You will learn how to:


    • trouble shoot Inverters

    • make complete systems design

    • deal with various practical application


PLC Training course


CONISYS is delighted to offer you a series of courses that qualify you to become a PLC expert among those who know about PLCs.


The PLC courses suit all levels, they rise sequentially from basic fundamentals platform to expert platform.


By the end of this courses, the attendee would cover both theoretical and practical concepts. He would be exposed to several industrial applications and sample system that make him capable of designing his own PLC control based systems, qualify him enough to program, commission, modify and maintain them.


Since your time is valuable, the courses are instructed by our PLCx experts, putting into consideration that the courses’ time will suit your calendar appointment.


  1. PLC Introduction


You will learn how to:


    • Operate a PLC

    • Configure a PLC system

    • Write simple programs


  1. PLC Advanced


You will learn how to:


    • Do advanced programming

    • Use remote I/Os

    • Use PLC word programming


  1. PLC Application


You will learn how to:


    • Use PLC in complex applications

    • Use PLC communication facilities

    • Use PLC operator interfaces


  1. PLC Expert


You will learn how to:


    • Install & commission a PLC

    • Test a PLC system

    • Prepare PLC drawing & documentation


Testing Training course


CONISYS conduct testing courses to enable electrical power engineer to choose, test and start-up electrical systems. Testing and commissioning techniques will be carefully studied and practiced.


The courses will include condensed and very well selected information about the equipment under test.


An experimental training will be achieved in our test laboratory.


The courses will be dedicated to both the medium and low voltage systems.


  1. Medium Voltage


You will learn how to:

  • Select components

  • Test and commissioning

  • Start-up

  1. Low Voltage


You will learn how to:


    • Select components

    • Test and commissioning

    • Start-up