Electrical Design

 Design is performed in phases characterized by their degree of details and fulfillment of project requirements.


 Phases include:

  • Agreed scope of work and delivery schedule as defined in the contract or recorded in a meeting.

  • Nature of the project and its location

  • Customer needs and expectation

  • Feedback information from past experiences

  • Applied codes, standards, statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Site visit may be necessary

 For next phases, client approval and comments on the previous phases


Design Review and Verification


 Design drawing review is performed through:

  • Designer check on first draft

  • Senior designer review on the finished design drawing


 Design verification is done by senior designers through:

  • Design review

  • Alternative calculation

  • Comparison with proven design


Design Validation


 In some cases due to project nature, complexity, or sensitivity, or according to the requirement of the owner, validation is required. The following information is considered as design validation:

  • Direct measure of equipment and system performance

  • Hand-over certificate

  • Approval of civil defense concerning life safety systems

  • Client process monitoring