AC Servo

AD Series

Hitachi AD Series AC Servo Drive meets various requirements from demanding applications with its full feature performance realized by Hitachi's advanced motor technology.

  • Rated output 100 - 7,000 W

  • Rated torque 0.32 - 33.4 Nm

  • Advanced Drive Technology

  • Auto tuning

  • Integrated program function

  • RS232 interface

  • Plug & Play

  • Easy programming

  • Sercos, Ethernet, Device Net

  • CE, UL, c-UL

AD-Series ADMA-
Type 01S 02S 04S 08S
Type of relevant servo amp. ADAX3 01NSE 02NSE 04NSE 08NSE
Input power supply 1 ~ 220…230V +10% -15%, 50/60Hz +/-5%
Input control power supply 1 ~ 200…230V +10% -15%, 50/60Hz +/-5%
Rated output in W 100 200 400 750
Rated speed in 1/min 3,000
Max speed in 1/min 4,500
Rated torque in Nm 0.32 0.64 1.27 2.39
Instantaneous peak torque in Nm 0.96 1.91 3.82 7.16
Jm Moment of Inertia 0.023 0.12 0.22 0.62
Motor Continuous synchronous motor
Speed positioning detector Incremental encoder 17 bit
(serial data transmission)

AD-Series ADMG-
Type 05HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 35HP 45HP 55HP 70HP
Type of relevant servo amp. ADAX3 15HPE 35HPE 70HPE
Input power supply 3 ~ 380…480V +10% -15%, 50/60Hz +/-5%
Input control power supply 1 ~ 200…230V +10% -15%, 50/60Hz +/-5%
Rated output in W 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,500 4,500 5,500 7,000
Rated speed in 1/min 2,000
Max speed in 1/min 3,000
Rated torque in Nm 2.4 5.0 7.5 9.55 16.7 21.5 26.3 33.4
Instantaneous peak torque in Nm 9.0 18.5 20 30 45.5 70 72 86
Jm Moment of Inertia 1.84 5.4 8.8 11.8 37.9 46.5 113.5 185
Motor Continuous synchronous motor
Speed positioning detector Incremental encoder (8192 ppr)


Smooth Rotation at Low Speed

Drastic reduction (-65%) of the cogging torque to the conventional motor by Advanced Motor Technology (Patent)

Suitable for high precision positioning tables or smart conveyor applications in which positioning without any vibration is necessary.

High Response

Speed control cut-off frequency 500Hz by a 32-bit system LSI with DSP, and high resolution by 17-bit serial encoder realize high precise positioning and stable rotation at low speed.




Minimum Deviation from Desired Position


Advanced positioning control reduces the position error to the minimum.

Compact size and light weight


Compact size & light weight is realized based on magnetic field analysis of the motor, contributing to downsizing of the system.


PLC Function


Programmable Sequence Control function is available with the drive as an option (ADAX Series). Positioning and speed control can be performed by basic-like language program.

Specifications of programmable logic functions

Item Specifications
Language type Language similar to Visual BASIC with additional commands for motion control.
Input device Personal computers
(Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000)
Program size
512 steps
(The drive can store up to 512 steps or 6KB.)
support functions
• Text input
• Display on terminal
• Program syntax check on terminal
• Program loading and all clear (PC -- servo drive)
• Single step execution
• Breakpoints (up to 4 points)
Execution method Interpreter method, 1.12 ms/command
(Subroutine calls available, up to 8 nesting levels)
Digital input Contact signal/open-collector signal input (24V-DC internal power supply provided). servo ON, alarm reset, and general-purpose input (12 points, referred as X(0) to X(11))
Digital output 8 points (Y(0) to Y(7))
Analogue output 2 points (XA(0) and XA(1))
Variables • Position reference: P(00) to P(99) (100 points)
• Speed reference: N(00) to N(15) (16 points)
• Torque reference: T(00) to T(15) (16 points)
• Acceleration time: ACC(0), ACC(1) (2 points)
• Deceleration time: DEC(0), DEC(1) (2 points)
• Control mode: MOD
• Control gain: KSP, KSI, KP, etc.
• Monitoring: IFB, IRF, NFB, NRF, POS, PRF, etc.
• User-defined variable: U(00) to U(15) (16 points)
Commands Instruction Mnemonic for program control command and motion control command

(servo operation command)

Other Program storage • Stored in the main unit's EPROM
• Stored as source files and intermediate code files
Breakpoints Up to 4 points (set, reset, enable, or disable)


Setup Software by PC (AHF)


Parameter setting and graphic monitoring of positioning, speed torque can be performed by the setup software ‘AHF’




The most desirable control gains can be set automatically by the driver, which helps users to set up the machines easily.


7-segment 5-digit - LED is built-in


It helps to understand the status of servo very easily.



Overview of AC Servo AD Series

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